For kitchen water purifier and necessity for healthy families.

Is the water in your home so dirty? Filter to rest assured?
The rejection of parasite is 99.99% get rid of rust, residual chlorine, and red worms.
Household water purifier, direct drinking make foods, wash bottles take a shower, cook, wash dish,make tea, brush teeth and wash face.

Tape water purifier total view

Tape water purifier total view

New filter

New filter

After 2 weeks

After 2 weeks


1. Directly drinking purified water

2. Fast and easy installation

Type: Tap water Purifier
Material: ABS. Ceramic
Size: 140mm*80mm*122mm
Technical date 1.Material: ABS. Ceramic

2.Function: Hand free and option of sustainable provision of water with press of a button

Advantage: 1.Fastand easy installation, convenient to use.

2. Small volume.

3.Filter replacement time hint, let customers use more secure.

4.The water filter use the technology ofceramic filter element, plus activated carbon removes 99.99% harmful substance from the tap water.

5.Its long-lasting filter and easy access make this the perfect option for families, kitchens and cooking.

MOQ: 40 Pieces
Packing: 40 pieces per carton.
Packaging & Shipping

Packaging Detail: 40 pieces per carton

Delivery Detail: 10-25 days or accoding to the order’s quantity.

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