Teflon tape machine

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So, the is the details of raw materail which teflon tape machine can produce?

Teflon tape definition:
Also known as PTFE tape, which is abbreviation of tetrafluoroethylene and polymer.

The basic structure of teflon:
The basic structure of PTFE is – CF2 – CF2 – CF2 – CF2 – CF2 – CF2 – CF2 – CF2 – CF2 – CF2 -.

Teflon tape application:
PTFE is widely used in a variety of needs, such as: anti-acid and organic solvents, which itself has no toxic to people, but one of the raw materials used in the production process of ammonium perfluorooctanoate (PFOA) is considered likely to have a carcinogenic effect.

Teflon molecular:
Large relative molecular of PTFE, the lower one as hundreds of thousands, while higher one can up to one million or more (degree of polymerization of 104 orders of magnitude, while the polyethylene only 103). Degree of crystallinity is generally 90 to 95%, a melting temperature of 327 ~ 342 ℃. Molecule CF2 unit in PTFE arrange by zigzag shape, because the fluorine atom radius larger than the hydrogen, so the adjacent CF2 units can not cross exactly trans orientation, but form a spiral twisted chain, fluorine atom covering almost the entire polymer chain surface. This molecular structure explains various properties of PTFE. At temperatures below than 19 ℃ to form 13/6 helix; phase transition at 19 ℃, slightly unravel the molecular to form 15/7 helix.

Though the perfluorocarbon carbon – carbon bond and carbon – fluorine bonds are broken need to absorb energy 346.94 and 484.88kJ/mol, but PTFE depolymerization energy generate 1mol tetrafluoroethylene only need 171.38kJ. So in the pyrolysis, PTFE mainly depolymerizate tetrafluoroethylene. PTFE at 260,370 and 420 ℃ the weight loss rate (%) were 1×10-4, 4×10-3 and 9×10-2 per hour.

Teflon tape machine

Teflon tape machine