PTFE resin

PTFE resin chemical name: Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE).

PTFE resin chemical formula: –(CF2CF2)n–.

PTFE resin operation and storage:
Operation: In the area of dust can place at a suitable exhaust ventilation.
Storage: Keep container tightly closed, well-ventilated place. Place in a dry place.

Hand protection: Wear gloves. Gloves must be inspected before using. Use appropriate gloves remove technique (without touching gloves outer surface) to avoid skin contact. After using, standardized treatment of contaminated gloves and proper laboratory in accordance with the law applicable. Washing and drying hands.

PTFE tape machine flow chart as below:

PTFE resin → add suitable and not high cost kerosene → Mixing together → Ripeing → Preforming (Water temperature under suitable degree) → Extrusion (Roller temperature under suitable degree) → Calender to tape shape→Degrease (Control the temperatuer by our machine ) → Stretch to Teflon tape → Wrapping on plastic wheel by skillful worker or by automatic wrapping machine.

PTFE resin

PTFE resin

The factors of effecting raw material quality:

1, The resin quality: PTFE resin quality determines the quality of Teflon tape.

2, Generally adopts the extrusion-agent of low boiling point, less impurities, volatile aviation kerosene,
If the extrusion-agent added too small, so that preforming PTFE rod cracking, extruded rod will be hard, and difficult to extrusion;
If the extrusion-agent added too large, the extruded rod will be too soft, the density can’t reach the requirement, resulting the stretched Teflon tape transparent and easy to break.

3, Ripeing temperature and time:
Ripeing temp too low time too short will not reach the resin ripeing effect, then will reduce the permeability of kerosene;
Ripeing temperature too high will cause burn, so it is better to control temperature , Ripeing time generally under controlled.

4, Extrusion pressure and speed:
Extrusion pressure too high or too low are both inappropriate, since it affects the Teflon tape density and forming effects, over quick extrusion speed causes the extruded rod soft, over slow extrusion speed impact extrusion type and efficiency, the extrusion pressure is generally controlled at 80 ~ 100kg/cm2.