PTFE tape machine

Briefly introduction of PTEF tape made by ptfe tape machine:

Teflon tape commonly used as a water pipe installation aids for pipe connections, enhanced sealing between duct connection.

PTFE tape with a chemical name polytetrafluoroethylene, which is commonly used in plumbing area plain white teflon tape, and gas pipelines also have special teflon tape. In fact, the main raw material is polytetrafluoroethylene, only the technical processes are not the same.

PTFE tape is a novel ideal sealing material. Because of its non-toxic, odorless, excellent sealing, insulation, corrosion resistance, is widely used in water treatment industry, natural gas area, chemicals field, plastics, electronics engineering and other fields.

PTFE tape adopts advanced production technology machine, good quality, complete specifications, to meet different customer requirements of different industries.
Product has extremely excellent insulation, strong chemical stability and good sealing performance, it is widely used in mechanical, chemical, metallurgy, electric power, shipbuilding, aerospace, medicine, electronics and other industrial fields.

The main role of PTFE tape:
With 100% PTFE as raw material, it has a fine mesh expanded long fiber structure and composition of the section. Expanded teflon tape having a good toughness, high longitudinal strength, transverse easy deformation characteristics. It is ideal material for application of threads and sealing. But it can not apply in high concentrations of oxygen or liquid oxygen contact occasions.

PTFE tape machine video:

PTFE tape machine

PTFE tape machine