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Expanded PTFE membrane machine

Expanded PTFE membrane machine, also some one called as Expanded PTFE membrane production line. It is almost same with PTFE teflon tape machine in the first half set, only the last half is different, because expanded teflon membrance need different stretching process. There is no slitting machine process for expanded ptfe teflon membrane. The expanded ptfe teflon […]

Teflon bar machine

Whether to provide custom design: Yes. Machine type: ram extruder. The largest extrusion diameter: Can be custom-made based on your requirement. Our company with many years research experience in area of polytetrafluoroethylene plastic machinery, provide PTFE bar extruder machine. Our PTFE bar machine not only at home, but also abroad to obtain a very good […]

PTFE resin

PTFE resin chemical name: Polytetrafluoroethylene(PTFE). PTFE resin chemical formula: –(CF2CF2)n–. PTFE resin operation and storage: Operation: In the area of dust can place at a suitable exhaust ventilation. Storage: Keep container tightly closed, well-ventilated place. Place in a dry place. Hand protection: Wear gloves. Gloves must be inspected before using. Use appropriate gloves remove technique […]

Teflon tape machine

We are the very first one to manufacture teflon tape machine which own many patents in this field and accumulated a wealth of experience. More than 200 teflon tape machine we manufactured running in good condition in the whole world. Not only could we provide you the complete production line, but also help you to make […]